All of Lil Becky’s limited edition collaborative hot sauces are available direct from the vendors listed, not through our store.

What a perfect opportunity to support the local businesses that support us, and pick up some new music or a meal too!

Lil Becky + Red Sparrow collaborative hot sauce


Red Sparrow was voted Melbourne’s best pizza in 2020, and Lil Becky is the most famous cat in Brunswick West.

Sometimes, partnerships just make sense.

This collaboration with every Melbournite’s favourite pizza parlour is local, through and through. It tastes like a milder version of our regular Habanero and Garlic, and is blended with fresh herbs picked that day from the Moreland Community Garden.

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 6/10



Visiting the best lil café this side of Bell Street? Grabbing a Reuben to go at the Miracle of Munro?

Buy yourself a bottle of The Coburg Banshee while you’re there.

This banshee glides the streets of Coburg calling for her beloved Lil Becky, and is only satisfied when someone pours her a tall Bloody Maria using this hot sauce. You can’t look past this spoooooky blend of Ghost peppers, celery, celery salt and a few other secret spices.

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 7/10

Lil Becky + True North collaborative hot sauce

Lil Becky + Sweet & Tender Hooligan collaborative hot sauce

Sweet and tender hooligan

Becky loves a gift box with her face in it. Sweet and Tender Hooligan make savoury and sweet boxes filled with tasty vegan and cruelty-free treats, including Lil Becky’s Hot Sauce.

We refreshed our original Hot Sauce for this collaboration, fermenting Bird's eye peppers until they’re packed with flavour.

This sauce is hot, but not too hot. Like a gift box arriving on your doorstep, it’s pretty much perfect.


Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 4/10

green acre pizza bar

Lil Becky loves the eco ethos of Green Acre Pizza Bar. The way she sees it: the greener the planet, the more birds, bees and bugs there are to watch from her window. So, it felt only right to collaborate with the little pizza bar that could, by creating a special Habanero and Garlic sauce.

This sauce is a little milder than Lil Becky’s signature blend, meaning you can wallop it on your pizza slice without fear!

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 4/10

Lil Becky + Green Acre Pizza Bar collaborative hot sauce

Lil Becky + Last Chance Rock 'n Roll Bar collaborative hot sauce


Chipotles are red, tomatoes are green, they combine in the tastiest hotsauce Lil Becky’s ever seen.

OK, Lil Becky might be more of a muse than a poet, but she knows what she likes: the vibe at The Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar.

Enjoy their signature fried chicken (available vegan) with this chipotle sauce, blended with roasted green tomatoes. It’s worthy of an encore.

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 4/10




Fatalli and Choc Bhutlah peppers are blended with garlic.

The resulting sauce is a rich crimson red - like the blood of Lil Becky’s enemies - with an earthy flavour profile of fresh beetroot.


Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 7/10

Lil Becky + FckUps collaborative hot sauce

Lil Becky + FckUps collaborative hot sauce



Sweet, tangy pomegranate meets a blow-your-head-off combo of mixed mesquite-smoked superhots in a fuckin' grouse combination that sold out in a day.

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 9/10



Created exclusively for the second annual Melbourne Turbo Festival. We based this off our Habanero and Garlic sauce, but made it proper Strayan by throwing in some zesty native finger-limes.

Dinky di, mate.

Lil Becky’s heat rating: 6/10


Lil Becky + Turbojugend collaborative hot sauce

Lil Becky + Great Aunt collaborative hot sauce


Enjoy a sweet country twang in the form of sauce and sounds.

Our second collaboration with Great Aunt is a slightly milder version of our fruity Sugar Rush sauce, with the same tasty notes of pineapple.

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 2/10


The first collaboration with Great Aunt is crafted with mesquite-smoked Fatali peppers and ripe kiwifruit - smokin’ hot and delicious!

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 4/10



Lil Becky + Great Aunt collaborative hot sauce

Lil Becky + Bombay Rock collaborative hot sauce



A short lived tribute to a legendary Brunswick live music venue before its untimely closure.

Word was that if you tried this on your pizza it was pretty damn likely you'd walk out at 2am with a bottle for home too.

Lil Becky’s Heat Rating: 8/10

Got a great idea for a collaboration with Lil Becky? Hit us up!

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